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   Scientific Micro Molder Model:  SMMG7003B COLOR PLAQUE MOLDING MACHINE
SMMH2  SMM6000E Parts
                                                                                                            Samples of parts made
moldadjust  green
Mold Height adjustment shown with guard removed                       Plaques showing color transition
Machine Specifications:
Feeding Screw Speed 1-60rpm(max. to 100rpm, however the torque decreases to 50% gradually after 60 rpm)  
Opening Stroke 70mm(exclude the mold part)  Platen daylight without mold, approx 150mm  
Injection Force 1800kg  
Mold Clamp Force 6 Ton, air cylinder toggle clamp  
Max. Operating Temperature Zones 1,2,3 - 360 degrees C., note: zone 1 is at end of barrel + nozzle heat setting %  
Temperature Accuracy +/- .5 degrees C, (After temperature has reached constant state)  
Inj. Screw Diameter 20mm, 16:1 L/D Servo Motor Drive  
Shot Weight 30gm - depending on material melted weight, minimum approx .1gm (depending on mat'l & tooling)  
Power Supply Required Single Phase 220V/1/50hz, or 60hz, 2.3Kw, 10A  
Tie Bar Spacing 280×186mm (center distance)  
Mold Plate Size 360mm (L)*90mm (W) *72mm (H)  
Die Ring O.D. 50mm  
Machine Dimensions (L×W×H) 1700mm, 500mm, 1350mm  
Electrical Brand PLC/HMI - Delta,  SSRelay - Omron  
Shipping Crate Size 1750mm X 720mm X 1400mm - Weight approx. 450kg  
Air Compressor is supplied by customer -  Recommend 20 gallon reservoir unit - low noise  


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